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Aspire 2

Immune Complex

Immune Complex

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  • Black Elderberry
  • Bee Propolis
  • Vitamins A, C and D for Immune System
  • Zinc and Selenium - Immune Support


Magnesium Ascorbate, Black Elderberry Fruit Extract (Sambucus nigra l.) (13%), Bee Propolis Extract 5:1 (13%), Pullulan (Vegetarian Capsule Shell), Zinc Citrate, Retinol, Cholecalciferol, Sodium Selenite


Average Values, Per 2caps, *RI%

Vitamin C (as Ascorbate), 720mg, 900%

Vitamin A (3,600 IU), 1.1mg, 138%

Vitamin D3 (735 IU), 18μg, 360%

Selenium, 143μg, 260%

Zinc, 18mg, 180%

Black Elderberry Extract, 216mg

Bee Propolis Extract, 216mg


Take 2 Capsules per day. Food supplements should not be used as a replacement for a healthy, balanced diet. Store out of reach of young children. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Talk to your doctor before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication. Not suitable for children under 11.

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Aspire 2 Immune Complex

A Healthy Immune System is your Best Defence

What is the Immune System?

Your Immune System is a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs which helps your body to fight infections and other diseases.

When germs such as bacteria and viruses invade your body, they attack and multiply. This is called an infection. The infection causes the disease that makes you sick. Your Immune System protects you from the disease by fighting off the germs.

Aspire2 Immune Complex is an advanced formulation of premium natural ingredients to support a healthy Immune System.

What Causes a Weakened Immune System?

There are several reasons why your Immune System can become weakened, including poor diet, stress, inadequate sleep, overweight and lack of physical activity. Smoking and alcohol consumption can also weaken the Immune System.

Most people have a diet that is too low in fruit and vegetables and scientific research has shown that this is associated with a weakened Immune System.

Why Should I take Aspire2 Immune Complex?

For many people, the modern diet does not provide the wide range of nutrients that are so important for maintaining a healthy Immune System and Aspire2 Immune Complex has been scientifically formulated for this reason.

Aspire2 Immune Complex contains five essential Vitamins and Minerals – Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Selenium and Zinc - all of which have EU authorised health claims for their role in supporting your body’s Immune System.

Aspire2 Immune Complex also contains two other highly researched ingredients to provide a truly unique formulation.

Black Elderberry Extract comes from the dark purple berry from the European elder tree and it is a rich source of Vitamin C.

Bee Propolis Extract is a natural resinous substance produced by bees and it has been widely researched for its health benefits.